Friday, November 30, 2007


We always throw a picture of our resident shop dog, Bogey, into our annual catalog. As I was looking through files to pick one out, I came across one where he had somehow cajoled a customer into allowing him to perch on her lap. Luckily she (and her adorable baby) were very amendable! If you've been to the shop, you may have encountered Bogey. Part Boston Terrier and part human, he is a bit of a drama queen...on any given day you can find him hogging the chairs, snorting from trying to eat dust bunnies and crying for his "girlfriend" Lucy, the Australian Heeler who lives next door.

This is the TGIF picture that we are going to put in the catalog. Have a great weekend and make sure you snooze in at least one of the days!


abel said...

awwww! bogey is way too cute to be a drama queen!

Sacred Moment Weddings said...

He is adorable! Bogey looks like quite the character. I'm in search of the perfect Boston for our home. Actually I want 2...a boy and a girl. I just LOVE them!

shopfriends said...

A boy and girl boston would be too cute! Send us pics when you get
the pups! Cat