Monday, September 29, 2008

The Flipside of Things

There is something so clever and refreshing in the design of these pieces and their play on the conventional: a wood chandelier and "upholstery patterned" wood chair....or this amazing graffiti art table that you can juxtapose with smashed up Wedgwood plate pieces glued to a canvas and hung on the diningroom wall.

above: chandelier by Courtney Skott. Inkywood Table by Zenvironments and Kinkyform.
Mosaic Wedgwood bits. Chair by Courtney Skott.


amanda/flickr said...

that table is gorgeous! great for kids that love to scribble ;)

carol eng said...

I've been agonizing over chandeliers for the past six months. They seem too fancy for my pad but the wood one would be nice and casual. I've also been eyeing the ones that have a drum shade wrapped aroudn them!

cw said...

i'm in love with the graffiti table and wooden chair!