Monday, September 22, 2008

Mock Croc

"Mock Croc" is the latest trend in the October issue of Elle Decor. I actually prefer this texture in a white or soft neutral. Below are some of my favorites from their picks (I would love to tile a bathroom with those croc tiles!).

above, clockwise: Walker Zanger tiles, Jim Thompson croc printed silk,
Cote D'azur tables, Macy Hotel Collection towels

above, clockwise: Nancy Gonzalez clutch, Armani patented croc trench,
"crocodile tears" necklace made of Russian Serpentine

...and I had to add in the Armani patent crocodile trench. A bit spendy at $1925...but the $150 crocodile tears necklace would make a beautiful budget friendly alternative to wear!


JD said...

i love all this texture! i agree with you-- the mock croc in white is super fab!

aimee said...

I love the towels. And no one knows reptiles and bags like Nancy Gonzalez.

The City Sage said...

LOVE the white croc- it's both rustic/organic and modern/textural at the same time.

I'm a little obsessed with this Croc lamp from Z Gallerie---and can you believe it's only $129?

lynn said...

I always stalk Z Gallerie and I know that lamp your talkin about. u should totally get cool.

cat, do you still have the black croc clutch at your shop?

shopfriends said...

Lynn--we're out of those croc clutches, but we just got some faux snake skin passport holders in turquoise and taupe!

and City Sage...are you getting the lamp? My vote it yes!