Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway: Kenley vs Alexander McQueen

Once again, I have been sucked into this season's Project Runway. Did any of you catch last night's part 1 of Season Finale? I'm definitely not one for Kenley (nobody disses Tim Gunn!). So when Michael Kors called her wedding dress out for being a version of Alexander McQueen's 08 design I had to check it out.

Kenley's wedding dress (left). Alexander McQueen (right).

So you be the judge...McQueen ripoff? Read more about it on La Late.


Martin MO said...

That Kenley's got a sailor mouth on her and her dress was McQueen'esque. Oh but I loved Leanne's gown!

shopfriends said...

Leanne's gown was my favorite hands down! It would've been so much easier to root for Kenley had I pressed mute every time she said something negative. I have to say, Kenley's bridesmaid gown was gorgeous too!

JD said...

I'm on Team Leanne! So needless to say, I was glad she was called out for her faux-McQueen gown.

cw said...

yes, that is dangerously similar!