Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shop Friend: August Morgan Pillows

My pillow obsession goes back to the days I hoarded stuffed animals as a I hoard pillows from past apartments and lives sealed up in boxes because I refuse to throw them away. Pillows have always been the most affordable way to transform a room, and for me, they always help to jump start a change of scenery. I spied about a dozen pillows to snatch from designer Kate Hersch's pillows at August Morgan. Kate collects vintage and antique needlepoint, repurposing them into one of a kind pillows that are full of wit and flair.

Kate was kind enough to answer some questions I had about her new line for us today.
Kate, how did August Morgan come about?
I have been a collector of fabric for years, and I used to needlepoint before I had children. I actually started needlepointing when I lived in New York! One day I thought that I had to do something creative. I put my love of textiles together, shook it up, and out came August Morgan. My business partner Lance Avery Morgan helped solidify my thoughts.
What influences your design?
My years at Sotheby's definitely influence my design. I worked in client services, so I attended all of the auctions. I saw everything from Silver to Impressionist art. I developed my love of decorative arts there.
What has been the hardest thing about starting your business?
The hardest thing about starting this business is getting my name out there. I am in Austin, and while it is very hip it is not New York. I hope to do the Gift Show in NYC in January.

And how about the best?
My favorite part about my business is simply creating. I am so happy putting fabrics together it is ridiculous. I get a little sad when I sell a pillow, but they always go to a good home!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Kate! To shop her pillows, click here.


cw said...

How cute that she's sad to see a pillow go!! I love the sleepy owl pillow, and nice to see shopfriends from Austin, TX (hook 'em)! :)

carrie's mom said...

I would love to decorate my little girl's room with some of these. They are so nostalgic and fun!