Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Threads

In San Francisco, one must master the art of layering (something I am still trying to accomplish!). You must be a guru of cardigans, jackets...anything to take the chill off of that looming hour when the sun starts to go down and the wind and fog start in. This jacket is an essential for that and at $89 it won't dent your wallet!

above: Charcoal Fleece Jacket, $89

Perfect for these San Francisco winter-to-spring cold transition days. I get tempted to put on colorful dresses but know I'll need to carry a versatile coat like this around for the next few months to come. On colder days I'd layer it over a slim, long sleeve sweater.

Finish it off with a simple yet bold, punchy accessory like this turquoise/gold ring and you're ready to go!

Dress, out of stock (but we've got others like it in vintage, one-of-a-kind fabrics)
Flower Ring, $19

Not only does this jacket look soft, it feels super comfy. I can wear it whereever, whenever! Some days it is just all about comfort. This jacket over this cute corduroy dress is the ultimate laid back outfit for me. Did I mention this dress has pockets too? Add on the vintage copper necklace and I'm set to go.

Corduroy dress $49 (on sale)
Copper charm necklace $43

I chose the pair this dress with leggings. It is so cute, but really comfortable too!

Above, floral design dress $67.50, leggings $27. Available at Cat Seto.