Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Our spunky Matryoshka pillows from Thomas Paul arrived at the shop and I love them! This Russian nesting doll motif can't help put a smile on your face.

above clockwise: why not make your own pillow or skirt with this fabric? Thomas Paul pillow. Pink Matryoshka pillow. Thomas Paul square pillow.

Above clockwise: this locket has a nesting doll inside of it. Make your own necklace with this charm. Dainty earrings.


gillian said...

The locket has a nesting doll inside? Adorable.

Levitra said...

What a great pillows! I was looking for some pillows for my living room, however I wanted something less sophisticated than what I found, like those ones, but it's almost impossible, trust me, I'm already tired to walk.

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