Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Friday: Game Day Cupcakes

Happy Friday! In the tradition of our studio's Cupcake Fridays (the make-believe holiday we created as an excuse to inhale sugar) I had to post the most adorable cupcakes and baby shower. Daphne and Bryant are friends who are expecting their first baby. They are also BIG time sports fanatics, especially of UM and CAL where they hail from. My little sis and friend Jihwon came up with a shower that fit them to a tee: an all out sports themed baby shower complete with these Game Day cupcakes.

above: the "turf" on the cupcakes are made of shredded coconut and green food coloring. The mini-pennants make great little favors.


Jennifer said...

too cute-- there should be a basketball equivalent for March Madness!

angela ellison said...


Becky said...

How did you make your mini pennants? They are adorable!