Thursday, February 14, 2008

ShopFriend: I Dream of Cake cont'd...

As promised, here are some more photos from my visit to Shinmin's I Dream of Cake gallery/studio. And since it's Valentine's Day, what could be more appropriate than presenting such sweet and heartfelt creations?

Above: mod and luxe...these were taken from Shinmin's studio where the gorgeous cakes sit in gallery displays for customers to preview and dream over.

above: Aren't these woodland flora themed cakes exquisite? Shinmin has a background in graphic design and it truly informs her vision. She is inspired by print, pattern and artwork and I was so delighted to hear that she's a stationery fiend as well!

Her space is truly inspiring. It is no surprise to hear that her space has recently received an AIA Award. I felt like I was walking into a gallery and found myself taking the time to admire each one of her pieces. The only giveaway was the scent of something sugary in the air!

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alyson said...

I am officially on a sugar high. I love them all!