Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Dare: Anything is Possible

above: Stella McCartney workout wear. Reach for the Stars!

I just found out that friend and running/swimming/biking extraordinaire, Yuko, took fifth overall at her first ever triathlon in Hawaii. Yes, you heard me right...first triathlon. Not only that, but she had only begun training this past year! Ten mile runs across the Golden Gate Bridge at 5am could only be pursued with the purest of intentions. And I'm sure it was her belief and passion that carried her across the finish line and well beyond her expectations. Congrats Yuko--you rock!!

So naturally, my Thursday dare is to be inspired. Having a few doubts about something? Cut it loose--it's time to go outside your comfort zone and reach for something you can believe in.


cw said...

Wow, great for her!! Makes me more compelled to wake up for those morning runs!

lynn said...

That's awesome!