Monday, July 14, 2008

Audrey Magazine: Affordable Luxuries

I was so heartened to be asked to write an article on affordable luxuries for this month's Audrey Magazine.

In the article I shared my experiece of being on the brink of burnout from work and escaping to Hawaii where I thought luxury might involve some spa action or poolside lounging....but ha! I was quickly foiled.

above, clockwise: Orange Art stationery. My inspiration note and shell that I brought back from Hawaii. Custom Stationery from our collection. Personal stationery by Cheree Berry.

Instead, I got to rediscover the simpler pleasures in life. One of my all time favorites were the inspiration notes or shells that were left on each guest's pillow during turndown. Such a simple but personal gesture reminded me of why I believe so much in personal correspondence, writing letters, and giving thank yous to friends and loved ones. To share a moment and capture it on paper is truly an affordable and invaluable luxury.

Above: Much of our shop is about finding little treasures to brighten your day and our customers are the best at letting us know what their favorites are! Some affordable luxuries I included: chocolate tea, glass Pink Fatale candles and vintage earrings.


amanda/flickr said...

I couldn't agree more. Getting an actual real hand written note is such a treat these days!!

aimee said...

chocolate tea? I didn't know there was such a perfect combo!

cw said...

we should get more copies of this issue! :)