Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Photography: In the Midst of a Quake

With so many wedding posts and endearing brides at our Paper Studio, I wanted to take a slight divergence today by showing a sobering series of wedding photos that Jennifer brought to my attention. These are actual photos taken from the bride and groom's photographer when the deadly 7.9 Sichuan, China earthquake hit in the middle of their wedding.

above: compiled by Leland Wong. Photos by Dragon Photo.


JD said...

what a great photographer-- he/she was somehow able to capture something so riveting in the midst of rubble.

lynn said...

it makes the whole disaster even more real.

cw said...

equally tragic and breathtaking--what a moment in history for the partakers .

TRS said...

I read this story elsewhere ... and the copy of the story made it clear that this photography session was not at the wedding location.
There were a number of couples being photographed there as it is an old historic church with great architectural details that attract photographers.

It doesn't make the images any less intense - but knowing it wasn't their wedding day that was er... shaken up... makes it a bit different in perspective.

shopfriends said...

Thanks for the update trs! I'd love if you could share the link with us if you have it!
I went back to look at the original entry and even tried translating a few news pieces... and only found that the writer added a foot note that he had surmised that this also could've happened during "studio" days for couples. I know it might be hard to, but there were so many news accounts of this (many in Chinese) and I'd love to get as much info about this as possible!

And yes, I totally agree...the photographs remain intense and powerful. I still get shivers just looking at them.