Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kenny Pang Photography: Kathy Griffin Officiates!

Do any of you watch Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List" on Bravo? I confess...I love that show. She's so wickedly funny...combined with her wine slugging 87 year old mom and Apple co-founder boyfriend, Steve Wozniak (what up with that???) it's just plain ol' good tv. I couldn't believe the recent episode when Kathy officiated the real life wedding ceremony of couple Elka and Brian. I was tickled to find out that Kenny Pang, a photographer whose work I just LOVE, captured the whole event to perfection! To see more of his amazing work you can visit his blog.

above: the couple's pre-requisite for their wedding was laughter. When she asked them if there was anything that was off-limits they said no...except for one word (that I can't mention here) which she somehow managed to say anyway! The couple laughed throughout the whole ceremony, though I remember seeing some shocked guests in the background with their mouths hanging open.


amanda/flickr said...

I would've loved to have been at this wedding! and isn't that the dress she wore to the emmy's one year?

carrie's mom said...

They look like such a fun couple in the photos!