Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shop Friend: Agelio Batle

Wow...this year's visit to the SF International Gift Show was a blur and seemed to go by so fast. I am guessing part of it was because I wore sneakers so I could do quick loops and then run back to the studio! I was pleasantly surprised to see a studio that was not here at the last show. Sculptor Agelio Batle of AS Batle Company has a beautiful collection of graphite pencils that are sculptural works of art. I was a blown away by the variety of designs and think they'd make such unique and special gifts!

above: the graphite is treated so that it does not rub off.

above: "Drawing Hand 2" is cast from a child's hand.

above: one of co-designers, Joel.


carrie's mom said...

That is so neat!!

cw said...

i've never seen pencils like these--very creative! will we be getting any at the boutique?

shopfriends said...

Yes, we'll be offering them at the boutique! I can't wait to get them in.