Friday, August 1, 2008

Shop Friend: Jubilee Lau Events

When I met Jubilee at our studio for the first time, I remember being struck by her warmth and genuine enthusiasm for her brides. And her work shows...she is highly recommended by brides and colleagues alike, and her weddings are meticulous, beautiful affairs. Jubilee just finished working on a gorgeous pink and black wedding at the Four Seasons which I'll post up on Monday, but first I wanted to give an introduction to Jubilee's talents. She was kind enough to share with me her planning process in working with couples (see below).
Be sure to click here to visit Jubilee's site and to see more of her beautiful weddings!

From Jubilee: "What I love about my business is that I get to help people turn dreams into reality, and what makes it really interesting for me is that each couple is so different and unique in their own different ways...

"...I get to know them like friends, and ask questions like where they like to travel to, the type of hotels they stay at when traveling, their home furnishing style, collectible items, and on and on….until I am able to focus them on a design direction—classic vs contemporary vs eclectic vs garden-y, etc. We then work through all the details to make sure the design carries out well through each part of the wedding.

I also love helping couples personalize their wedding so that it reflects who they are. I had a groom that was very much into music, and I encouraged him to write his own music for the ceremony which he did and it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. I had another couple that were into cooking, so we took their favorite home-made recipes and had the caterers replicate them with a fun twist. Last weekend, my bride was a landscape architect and the groom was an architect so we created a modern enchanted forest in the Asian Art Museum!

I really enjoy making the planning process fun for my clients, because that’s the way it should be! A wedding is a very special occasion, and couples should not be overwhelmed with the planning and should enjoy the process. I work with a lot of out of town clients who plan destination weddings in the Bay Area, and they would travel out here 2-3 times during the planning process. I always create ‘wedding planning itineraries’ for them when they are here for the weekend, and I make sure the itinerary is efficient, yet fun. I also enjoy working at all the different venues because space planning is one area where we can get really creative."

Thanks Jubilee--It's no wonder your brides cherish your work so much! Be sure to check back on Monday for her pink and black and wedding.


alyson said...

beautiful pictures! I would love an event planner who gave me a fun "planning" itinerary!

diane said...

Jubilee seems like so much fun!

sharon eng said...

A modern enchanted forest at the Asian Art Museum would be MY dream reception! are there photos!?