Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Domino and Drew Barrymore

The April issue of Domino features Drew Barrymore's gorgeous new Flower Films offices decorated by Ruthie Sommers.
Spirited, spiritual, irreverent and full of laughter and musings...are you a Drew Barrymore? I thought I'd put together a little of her style.
Above clockwise: I think of Drew as the ultimate hi+low girl. She is true to her style and views and seems fearless in surrounding herself with things that echo her spirit. Ensemble by Porridge. Prada bag. Chooka rain boot. Vintage tea cup. Absolut pillow. Green Thumb Designs earrings. Pura Lopez pumps.


mita said...

i am loving me some of that rubber duckie rain boot!

JD said...

i agree-- rubber duckie rain boots rock!