Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday: Cat Seto Tattoo?!

I're probably wondering where our usual Happy Friday post is where we have something sweet and sugary and girly up for post right?

Well, we all ditched cupcakes and sugar for a day and headed on over to the tattoo parlor and our new Shop Friend: Picture Machine.

It was a mad scramble over to the parlor after work to witness someone (we are sworn to secrecy as to who) on the team get a tattoo of one of our flower designs. We're pretty sure we freaked out the tattoo artist with our cameras and constant crowding over the counter to make sure everything went smooth.

above clockwise: The floral outline and Chanel blue petals were inked onto the small of her back in a matter of minutes. While waiting we asked the tattoo artist what the latest trend was and he showed us an album of photos where customers have been asking for mustache tattoos on their finger (who knew?!). The last step is applying the belts, no swimming, lots of lotion (but no aloe vera) for the next two weeks. The tattoo came out beautifully!

Have a happy Friday and weekend everyone!


maragaret r said...

You guys rock!

JD said...

fierce cat seto love!!!!

cw said...

who was it???

and one word: awesome!!! said...


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