Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Run

Like many of us, I run to leave the stress behind and to connect with the intangibles. And even though it's Monday, I'm still enjoying some of the endorphins from being out and about over the weekend. I almost never think about wardrobe and prefer just the basic necessities: shorts, wicking shirt, Nano and my pair of Brooks. But I've been seeing some pretty fabulous workout getups on my customers of them was wearing what I thought was a chic, knit sweatshirt and I was floored to hear it was from the Hearts collection designed by Scarlett Joahnsson for Reebok.

With the abundance of top designers and celebrities designing athletic wear, there are no more excuses for you fashionistas out there to hit the gym! above: Stella McCartney's modern, wearable workout wear for Adidas.

above clockwise: Some fashionable motivations for you to get out there and lose some of that winter weight or tone up for your wedding: Scarlett "Hearts" Reebok knit warmup sweater. Serena Nike tennis dress. Stella for Adidas running shorts and dance top. Scarlett Retro sneakers for Reebok.

above: A sketch of my quiet weekend run path to the ocean.


JD said...

you read my mind-- i've been searching for some cute non-lulumon workout clothes!

thanks for the post!

cw said...

This makes me want to shed my Hanes white t-shirts and opt for more fashionable threads to run/work out in!

amanda/flickr said...

i love the abstract drawing!