Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shop Friend: A. Jaron Fine Jewelry

Amanda Jaron's jewelry is so amazing that I had to do a two part post on her work. And to open, I could not resist introducing the talented Florida based jewelry designer's collection with this STUNNER of a ring. When I saw this, I literally got dizzy just admiring it!

above: Aptly named the "Perfect Present." This one of a kind ring is made of 4 one carat princess cut diamonds, and black and white diamond pave set into platinum.

above: recognize the model? that's Nazri from Project Runway wearing Amanda's exquisite pieces and a Youlin wedding gown.

above: sweet and modern. this claire pettitbone gown is perfectly paired with Amanda's mother of pearl ring.

above: butterfly brooches on Pnina Tornal wedding gowns.

Ready to see more of Amanda's work? This is just a teaser. Check back tomorrow when I post up what's behind Amanda's inspiring designs as well as some of her tips to our readers on how to accessorize!


samantha 05 said...

i've just bookmarked EVERYTHING in her collection for my husband :)!!

Anonymous said...

soooo elegant! i love the dresses too!

Jennifer said...

cute ring!

AJaron said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such a nice post.

Keep up the GREAT work you are doing!

Amanda Jaron

cw said...

That first ring is adorable!