Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shop Friend: A.Jaron Fine Jewelry Part II

I'm back with more of Amanda Jaron's work and her answers to some of your reader questions about accessorizing!

Amanda, what inspires your jewelry design and collection?
As an artist you never know where your next inspiration will come from.
I find my inspiration from everywhere. Originally, I was inspired to make jewelry by the simple romantic idea of making sculpture out of gold and diamonds!
My past few collections have been inspired by interior design. This spring my collection makes reference to chandeliers as well, as garden elements. I am carving gemstones into custom made pendants that reference chandelier prisms. I am currently working on a collection using bamboo and rattan elements cast in 18kt gold and applied to sterling silver.

What has been the best part of being an indie designers in your industry?
Being able to work exactly when and where I am inspired. I worked in NYC for over 10 years. I enjoyed working in NYC, I even miss it at times. I treasure the everything I did and everyone I met there. But, as a designer working in a corporate workplace is difficult. To say I am only going to be creative from 9-5 and I will be especially creative for the big board meeting at 2:45 on near impossible.
My office was dead center between Times Square and Rockefeller Center. I would dream of the palm trees, sugary sandy beaches and crystal clear water from my childhood.
Back in Florida for the last 3 years,I have found the perfect balance. I LOVE living in paradise year round and designing couture pieces for my clients. Yet, at the same time designing collections for Saks Fifth Ave and The Home Shopping Network allows me to still work with corporate companies.
What has been the most challenging?
Doing it all! Staying on budget! I have caviar taste and enough new ideas in a week to fill the jewelry cases at Saks Fifth Ave in NYC all on my own!

Now for some reader questions.
Joan from Texas wants to ask: I wear suits everyday for work, what is business appropriate that is not so boring?
My signature look is pearls. Many people feel that pearls are too dressy for work. I disagree. I believe in pearls. I believe in wearing pearls with a t-shirt and jeans. But, I plead with anyone wearing a suit to NEVER wear a basic strand of 6mm "GRANNY" pearls! That is BORING! Always do something to update them.
I am on a mission to reintroduce pearls back into young people's wardrobe. Wearing your pearls a suit would be a great place to start. One way to make your pearls seem fresh and young is to twist them with a sterling silver chain and make a 2 row twisted collar.
Watches & bracelets-- how do I make it work without looking like I'm overaccessorizing?
My philosophy is that "It can never be too big or too much!" However, I know that not everyone is comfortable with that. My advice is to invest in 3 watches: 1 small scale casual, 1 small scale dressy and 1 crazy "fashion right"oversized style. So, if you are wearing your dressy bracelets wear them with your dressy watch. That way visually they appear to be just a stacking of bracelets. The oversized watches are a statement all on their own and could look like too much if you are not careful.

Claudia from San Francisco wants to know:
Is there a rule of thumb as to how many areas you should limit your jewelry to wear at once (earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc)? There are really no rules in fashion today. I believe in feeling comfortable and making fashion a personal statement. I can say the first rule is to always have a pair of hoops or studs on hand. NEVER leave the house without earrings! I believe that hoops or studs can act as a neutral if you are wearing a big necklace. You do not want to look too matchy matchy. So, having just a simple hoop/stud to pair with the big and bold neck is nice. On the contrary, if you are wearing big earrings, I would say no necklace and pair it with a stack of bold bracelets.

What would you predict will be the next trend in jewelry?
BOLD COLOR, bracelets will continue to be hot for Spring/Summer '08. I am doing a line of bold Resign Cuffs that will come in an array of vivid colors for The Home Shopping Network that are inspired by my $10,000.00 18kt gold cuffs for Saks Fifth Ave!

Thank you Amanda for your great advice! If you want to see more of the A.Jaron Fine Jewelry line, click here for her website.


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LOVE those dainty little earrings!

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