Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cat Seto: Ladies Who Lunchbox Giveaway

It's another giveaway and customer appreciation day!
If your name appears here, please stop into the boutique to pick up a lunchbox (or your choice of boxed notecards) as well as a box of thank yous.

Amanda Booch
Martin Carlotte
Brooke Peterson
Joy Daniels

And we need your help! Each year we donate a portion of procees from our Lunchboxes to women's health organizations. If you know of a wonderful org or group, please write in and let us know!


Anonymous said...

...emailing you now!

Rebecca said...

I recommend donating to Partners in Health: http://www.pih.org/home.html. Their work is remarkable. It's so wonderful you do this!

shopfriends said...

Thanks Rebecca and to everyone who has been emailing recommendations! We'll definitely be looking into PIH.
Keep those suggestions coming in!