Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Friday: Cupcake Couture

Just got into New York for our show, or what I like to call the "Star Trek" convention for Paper Nerds.'s a little more stylish than that, but I will try and get some pics up from Jacob Javits soon! In the's Cupcake Friday and this piece is entitled "Cupcake Couture" by photographer Anton Perry.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


JD said...

after reading/drooling at this post, i think i'll have cupcakes for breakfast!

cw said...

i wonder if the model gets to munch her skirt after the photoshoot--luckyduck!

Anonymous said...

There are people who love Star Trek as much as your blog. :-) Amazing how you could associate these two together. It sure takes a creative mind.