Monday, May 5, 2008

Vintage: Helen Rose

Do you wear vintage? I have a certain weakness for glam vintage and on the top of the list is Helen Rose, the costume designer extraordinaire for MGM and the entrusted friend and designer of Grace Kelly's wedding gown.

above: (left) that's got Grace Kelly written all over it. It was auctioned off at over $200,000! (right) vintage chartreuse Helen Rose at Vintageous at a more reachable price tag ($395).

above: gorgeous, glamorous and drool-worthy. This was featured on the Decades blog.


margaret r said...

I had always wondered who designed Princess Grace's dress...beautiful dresses!

Tadalafil said...

She definitely has a lot of talent to design extrovert and creative dresses. I admire her since a long time ago, when I saw her collection in Paris. She left completely shocked.