Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jenny Packham Bride

If you ask me for my top five favorite wedding designers, Jenny Packham is most definitely one of them. And if you happen to know about our custom invitation line (where we offer brides the option to embellish their invitations with crystals), then you'll probably be able to figure out why. I go gaga over her designs which always offer embellishment, but just a touch or so here and there. Enough to melt me...and I'm sure any guest (and the lucky groom!) who watches the bride walking down the aisle.


ameetha said...

oh i love! i would love to try on the gown in the second photo.

che said...

Wouldn't mind getting married in that either!

Levitra said...

She looks pretty wearing whatever thing, but I should admit this dress make her looks like an angel. She definitely rocked my world since the first moment I saw her.