Monday, February 9, 2009

Leah & David : A San Francisco dream wedding

If you got a peek into Leah & David's newlywed pad last week, then you got a good feel for their personality and spirit as a couple. promised, their wedding was not only an undeniable ode to them, but what I feel is a San Francisco city wedding in its truest form....done with panache, wit, depth and an effervescent sense of celebration and joy.

Their story starts with a wish:

"We started dating in October of 2005. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, we were on the verge of breaking up. Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family in NC, my father offered to let me pull the wishbone for him. As I pulled, I made the wish "I hope David and I are able to make it work." I got the bigger piece and saved it. Things improved between us to the point where I told David the story and gave him the wishbone, telling him my wish had really come true. He promptly put it in his coat pocket over his heart and has carried it there ever since.
I snuck it out before the wedding and had them dangle it from my bouquet...

"The theme of our wedding was actually expressing the way David makes me feel: beautiful, fun, full of verve + elan, vibrant, elated to be alive!"

above: Leah's gorgeous "rum pink" gown is by Alvina Valenta.

hair by Stas at Metamorphosis Salon, makeup Priscilla at Shu Uemura

"I have had a love affair with peacocks ever since I was a little girl--while my parents were at work, I stayed with my nanny on her farm in Texas. She raised peacocks and I have very vivid memories of chasing them, trying to pull the feathers from their tails..."

"Our 3 year old niece Mia was adopted from Japan, hence her origami flower bouquet!"
above: their beautiful ceremony was held at Hotel Monaco.
Photography by John Griffin.
Flowers by Loop Design.

"We had friends read selected poems during our ceremony, including an excerpt from Plato's The Symposium--a nod to our fervent support of gay marriage."

Ready to attend the reception? Hop on the trolley (where guests were transported to their posh, sparkly reception at Bix) and stay tuned as I post up pics for tomorrow!


cw said...

by far one of the most unique weddings i've seen with such a sweet story and pulled off so charmingly...can't wait to see more pictures of the reception!

Carrie's Mom said...

MAGICAL. I have never been to Monaco Hotel but it looks like it's from another time.

ameetha said...

what a lovely feather veil. i luve their story...