Monday, February 23, 2009

Tien and David: Recap!

You may have remembered a couple I posted about who had the sweetest story about how they had known each other since grade school. Tien and David sat side by side in their grade school pictures but it wasn't until much later (after they'd graduated from college) that David rang Tien up by phone and asked her out. The rest was history, and they planned a school house themed wedding to celebrate their love story. Click here to see the post, as well as the post of Minhee at Paper + Cup (whose own school house wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings) helping out with some creative tips and ideas for their wedding.

I asked them to catch me and the team up with their newlywed life and they sent over these pics of their wedding. I gave a huge awwwww...when I saw those "Giving Tree" programs. So perfect!

And here is what Tien wrote to me about their newlywed life:
"Life post Wedding Day has really passed by in a flash--every once in a while, as I'm sure any newly hitched couple will tell you, you sort of catch your breath looking down at his hand or yours, seeing a ring and wondering in amazement: "holy moly, we're Married!" You feel overwhelmed with this rush of adulthood, all heady and heavy but still just as exciting as the first day you got behind the wheel."

above: the honeymooners in Bali

I am so lucky to meet couples that grace our Paper Studio with such connected spirits. Congratulations to you Tien and David, we wish you only the best!


cw said...

That wedding photo is too cute & captures their fun personalities oh so well! Can't wait to see them the next time they grace us with their presence!

JD said...

i love the shel silverstein idea-- soooo cute! and i heart t&d!

ameetha said...

They seem like they had a riot blast at their wedding and I love their theme.

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