Thursday, January 10, 2008

Convertible Wedding Satchels

Hibaya-Kadan has over 170 floral boutiques in Japan and in their edition of "Petale" they showcased trends and the latest in bouquets which resembled elegant purse satchels. I am particularly drawn to the top two because a bridal customer of mine had shared with me details about her own wedding bouquet which doubled as a "convertible wedding satchel." The beauty of this bouquet was that it was a traditional bouquet with a stem handle by day but was converted into a chic and playful bouquet satchel at night.

While I wouldn't take this on by yourself unless you plan to make your own bouquet from scratch, I would however, find a florist who was open to creating one for you.
My bridal customer gave some good tips:
--make sure you request a very round bouquet, preferably with tight blooms.
--you will need to ask your florist if they are willing to fashion a stem/handle that can be detachable vs. one which has a built-in wire and foam ball.

-- Next, select vintage necklaces, crystal chains or a pretty ribbon to be fastened to your bouquet. I prefer satchels with the chains attached apart rather than in one loop.
--Ask your florist to take the chain or ribbon and criss cross or weave it around your handle.
--When night arrives, simply remove the pins, detach your handle and you've got yourself a satchel that you can sling over your shoulder when you take to the dance floor.

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angela's mom said...

Love it! And you know what..those would dry PERFECT :)!