Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shop Friend: Teashi

Our extension of wedding week continues and I thought I'd introduce the perfect place to hold a private event like a bridal shower. As part of our holiday office party, I wanted to take the team out for a manicure. And what better place than Teashi, the cutest little salon just a couple of doors down?

Seeing that a manicure would be the antithesis of working with our hands all day, I knew that even though we would probably end up chipping them by the end of the day, the salon might offer a nice little getaway from our printing and production.

The decor is so charming and chic. You can stare dreamily at the cherry blossom wallpaper while sipping their complimentary citrus teas. And the best thing about Teashi is their standard on hygeine. They have an on-site autoclave for their utensils and specially designed their stations so that the bowls can be lifted and washed between services.

below: it took a while to unwind but once we did it was hard to peel us off those chairs! Any bride couldn't help but feel charmed and pampered here.

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melanie said...

that is the cutest salon!