Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Timeless Bride

What makes a bride and her wedding timeless & classic?
There are the weddings that have withstood the test of time and they possess within them a certain kind of aura. My all time favorite has got to be Grace Kelly's wedding. I could go on and on about the dress (the lace...that voluptuous skirt!). Lavish yes, and marrying a prince...well that's just plain iconic. But it wasn't the over the top details that struck me most about her. Hands down it was her presence. Her face was perfectly framed in her veil. And her perfect posture conveyed a sense of elegance and formality to the day. In all of her pictures it looked as if she was floating.

50 years +

Jackie Kennedy's wedding is another memorable one for me. Can you believe half a century later, we are still looking at the black and white photos and seeing the joy in her face as she and JFK sit before their gloriously set wedding table?

10 years +

Town & Country showcased the Napa wedding of New Yorker Lillian Wang in 1997 and I still have this copy stashed away in a box in my closet. A decade later I am still swooning. She wore the simplest white dress with only silk fabric flowers woven into her hair and held a small lily of the valley bouquet. Everything about this wedding and the way she blended cultures was mesmerizing. Just look at that color palette! Not to mention, her wedding cake is considered by many to be the first to cause a spark in the whole cupcake wedding cake craze. I've seen many renditions of it since but I still think hers remains the most lush and delectable ever.

5 years +
This bride had a destination wedding with Audrey Hepburn (goes tropical) in mind. You would think this wedding happened just yesterday! Instead of overwhelming her wedding with over-the-top details that could end up competing with one another, T&C Fashion Director, Gretchen Gunlocke, used a time old equation: simple details + fresh layers = an overall vision of stunning.

Reader poll:
Whether it's five, ten or fifty years from now, I'd love to hear what all of you think makes a timeless bride and her wedding. What classic details will you be including (or included) in your wedding? What have been the weddings you've attended that will remain timeless in your memory? Please share!

Stay tuned later today when I post a completely "modern" wedding and designer from our Paper Studio!


monica said...

i should of thought of "timelessness" when I got was the best day of my life but there some tacky choices that I wish I never made! I love the bride in the audrey inspired wedding because she seems to in the moment and her colors are so pretty and not too out of control for a destination wedding.

lupakitty said...

I'm not sure, to be honest, what would really be considered "timeless". I know I want to have a lot of lace detail in my veil and dress. Also, a lot of spring time colors.

nancy80 said...

I totally agree, a timeless bride floats in everyone's memory! When I look at old wedding photos from my family sometimes that glow is obscured by gigantic pastel hats and umbrellas. I am so Grace Kelly obsessed too!