Monday, January 7, 2008

Paper Studio: Town & Country by Cat Seto

It's Wedding Week at ShopFriends! And I thought I'd start it off with one of my all time favorite wedding color pairings: Coral + chocolate.

Below is our Coral Willow wedding invitation from our Town & Country /Cat Seto Wedding line. The album goes from "vineyard to ballroom" and was created for my brides and customers who were having gorgeous weddings in Napa, Carmel, Malibu and other dazzling destinations. They wanted invitations that could convey both the beauty of their outdoor ceremonies combined with chic indoor receptions.

Our wedding invitations are printed on luxe stocks and can be embellished with crystals. Though I have chosen to pair Coral Willow with a more classic gown and reception decor, one of our brides chose to use this for her utterly modern, romantic wedding in Paris. I can't wait to see her pictures!

Continuing with the coral + chocolate theme...
On gowns: I love a little texture on a wedding gown...something that the camera will pick up in photographs and something that will convey a bit of the bride's personality and taste. I fell in love with these gowns and then sketched my own slightly conservative version.

For reception and bridesmaid, I love how coral and chocolate is a color palette found in so many cultures and traditions. Cherry willow lanterns and branches would meld sweetly with chocolate cameo favors or an antique brooch placed in your updo. I recently saw this Karta dress and fell in love with it (of course I had to sketch it too!). On second look, I thought it could make a really unique bridesmaid dress and give any wedding a little bit of a modern edge.

I'll be back later today to post up what I consider the demure "cousin" to coral and chocolate: blush and taupe.

Can you already tell my little team and I are color obsessed? And so of course I would love to hear from some of you on this: what are your favorite color palettes for a wedding?


J Sandifer said...

Beautiful invitations!

daniella said...

I am currently thinking about pink and chocolate but coral is so romantic!

Kathryn said...

What beautiful stuff! I am loving coral right now - it has the sweetness of pink, but also the edginess of orange. I just made an inspiration board using coral, and it was such a nice change from pink.

Anonymous said...

black and white is our theme...but after seeing this...maybe with a splash of coral :)?

shopfriends said...

I'm so glad to be in the company of "coral" lovers! And Kathryn, I totally's the perfect compromise to pink and orange.