Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Paper Studio Designer: Cheree Berry

If this design looks familiar, say in a Kate Spade'ish sort of manner, then you're on the right path. This is Cheree Berry, and she was the graphic designer behind Kate Spade's custom wedding line. We are so lucky to have Cheree at the Paper Studio not only because of her truly outstanding, beautiful invitations but also because she is superb to work with. I hear actual "cooing" noises whenever a bride looks at her work!

The green in Cheree's invite and her play on a striped envelope liner inspired this all out modern, city wedding theme.
Below clockwise: If you want a posh, intimate wedding, hold it at The Soho Hotel in London in one of their private event rooms. The tea length hem of Ulla-Maija's lace gown is perfect for traipsing down the city streets and stealing a kiss before rejoining your guests. Leave it to Jill Sanders for a modern, minimalist dress for your bridesmaids.


So most of us probably can't make it to London (let alone fly out 75 friends and family). But that doesn't mean you can't create a reception that reflects something truly modern and unique for less. For this theme, I would recommend sticking to 3-4 colors...Cheree's invite evokes emerald, black and a deep, chestnut brown. Her liner inspires playing with fun prints and to keep them from spilling over, I'd refrain to just black and white for the prints and experiment with toile, damask or polka dots.

Below: 1. Wall hangings at your reception (especially behind you at the head table) can instantly inform the theme of your space. This modern palette is especially stunning if your reception space has walnut or deep oak walls! The green geometric print seen at The Soho Hotel is simple enough to recreate a version by hand or on the computer. Black and white photographs are also easy ways to modernize any setting. 2. I've seen this done many times, and it really LOOKS luxe even when the framed print is matte gift wrap. This one is by Snow and Graham. 3 & 4. Stick with simple, clean frames and white or black candlestick holders if you want to go modern. 5. Black and white toile and striped tablecloths.
6. I found these fun paisley bandanas for $3 that could serve as napkins or settings beneath the centerpieces.


Anonymous said...

tres chic!

iwedbelle said...

this is so posh but not overdone, I really would LOVE to hold my small'ish reception in a modern setting!