Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beach Wedding: Modaspia

It's that time of year...weddings are in full bloom and if you're invited as a guest, hopefully you've got your eye out for the perfect ensemble to wear! I've received a few invitations for outdoor/beach style weddings and thought it'd be fun to post up some finds.

above: this wedding from was set on a beach in the Dominican Republic and conveys such warmth and joy. But if you don't give your ensemble a little tweak, you may find yourself at odds with the elements.

If you're going to an outdoor wedding here are some basic tips:

• To avoid staining, ripping and tripping...wear a dress that is no longer than tea length:
This Modaspia dress just arrived at our boutique and is perfect for a beach wedding. Made of silk and lined in organdy cotton, the ruching goes up the back and provides the most flattering shape while being ultra comfortable!

• Wear slides or sandals (like the Christian Loubutin top right) that you can easily slip on and off your feet in case you are traipsing in sand or brush

• Finish it off with dainty Anthropologie earrings for shimmer and a wrap (Aesop Wrap) when night falls and it gets windy

• A sandy white beach produces a lot of glare, so don't forget sunglasses (like the Dolce Gabbana above)

• And non-greasy sunblock is essential! I am loving that Peter Thomas Roth has a brush-on version that you can tuck into your clutch.


daniella said...

and hats...what about wearing a hat? I also have a beach wedding to go to and I am stressing out even thogh its supposed to be casual and not so stuffy.

shopfriends said...

What do some of you out there think? I'm probably traumatized but I remember a beautiful beach wedding that was windy as all heck and a guest's hat (that was Kentucky Derby sized) flew off, was carried up and around to the front where it smacked into the face of the groom's father! In the end everyone had a good laugh, but after that, I have always been cautious about donning a hat where it might be windy!

cw said...

love those modaspia dresses!

amanda/flickr said...

i am not a hat girl and I think they can obstruct the view for guests if you have a big head LOL. i love casual and beach weddings b/c I can wear linen!

JD said...

i too am not a hat person-- b/c of hat hair! but it's a good way to keep the sun from baking ur skin!