Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carolina Herrera

I am such a huge admirer of Carolina Herrera. Be it her wedding gowns, her evening dresses or her wear a Herrera is to wear a timeless, exquisite silhouette polished to perfection with feminine details.

above: How does she turn out such gorgeous wedding dresses year after year? These gowns from her '08 collection continue to highlight Herrera's sense of sophisticated romance.

above: Herrera in '75 and a photo of her at 16. Not only are her gowns iconic, but so is Herrera herself. I saw these photos and just reveled in her glamour.

above: with her husband, Renaildo at their Caracas estate.

above: Mapplethorpe captures her mystery and allure. Kicking it in her signature white shirt on the dance floor in Santo Domingo, '01.


JD said...

i love the intricate beading & detail in her wedding goans!

cw said...

carolina herrera is definitely a living legend! gorgeous gowns and gorgeous carolina!

carrie said...

I am going to try one of her wedding gowns this weekend!