Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ShopFriend: Paper Cup Design

So who were the two that I contacted for advice on Tien & David's wedding?

My good friend Abby's "Dear Abby" column on Style Me Pretty is the gold standard on tips for the bride (and in this case, one with a SOS dilemma)! I knew no one could better ferret out a clear vision and choices for inspiration than her. Abby came to the rescue in a blink of an eye and you can read her tips and suggestions for Tien & David on her blog today!

It was also an absolute no brainer to contact Minhee over at Paper Cup Design for advice. The similarities between both their stories were so endearing that I knew Tien & David and all of us would benefit from hearing their creative ideas. As you may already know, Minhee and Truman Cho design a fabulous line of stationery in Brooklyn called Paper Cup Designs. Their wedding in 2006 was featured in Martha Stewart's "Weddings" and swept everyone away with how they conveyed the history of their friendship and courtship through a school themed wedding ceremony and reception.

above: Minhee and Truman knew each other all the way back in grade school. So it was only natural that their wedding be held at the Fuller Arboretum where they had attended a school field trip together!

above: It's all in the details. Shiny, polished apples. Mismatched socks for the groomsmen. Hand-bound "school" journals. I've said this before, but the weddings I remember the most are not the ones that have the most glitz and glamour, but the ones that tell a story and make me leave feeling that I have been privileged to be a part of something special.

I'll be posting Minhee's advice to Tien & David's questions right after this one on special details to incorporate their own "school" courtship into their newly moved ceremony location!


priya said...

what a nostalgic wedding it must have been. now i need to find a way to make the groomsmen wear funky socks too :O)

alyson said...

I remember this wedding! It was lovely!

Hovey Vintage said...

The socks are amazing! Totally adds the needed flair to make a wedding fun and stylish! Great idea!!!