Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ShopFriends: Paper Cup Design Part 2

And without further delay, here are Minhee's responses to Tien & David's questions. If you missed Tien & David's story and plight, scroll down or click here. I know the couple would love hearing any advice from readers as well so feel free to write in!

above: dinner & dancing at Minhee & Truman's reception
Q&A with Minhee Cho at Paper Cup Design

Tien & David: We want to add some childhood nostalgia to the overall feel of the hotel ceremony and reception, but don't want to be too "theme-y". What kinds of details--whether in flowers, cakes, favors, or invitations--would be great to highlight with this goal?

Minhee: Think by keeping elements simple and giving it a little twist is key to having it not look too ‘theme-y”.

above: (bottom left) Sprinkles retro cupcake. (bottom right) Chromatica photo envelopes.

Flowers:Daisies or Carnations look great when bunched together. Either left long in their stem or cut really short in vintage bottles or simple vases. We added some tulips and freesia to my bouquet for some color but I would’ve also loved a simple Daisy bouquet. Wheat grass also adds great color.

Cakes: Sheet cakes or cupcakes are very old school. Having a smaller cake + a treats table is fun and adds that school nostalgia. It can be anything from cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, or vintage candies like old fashioned marsh mellows. Sprinkles makes very chic cupcakes with a slight retro look that is very modern looking. Sheet cakes would be fun for a grooms cake too. Whatever it is, think the key is how it’s presented.

Favors: Photocards can be a fun thing to give out. Have a polaroid station where people can take pictures, like we used to do at school dances. Ask them to take 2 so they can leave one for the couple and take one in the photocards for their keepsake. The card can be designed like the ones from school, whenever we ordered pictures from school, we’d get these cards with our picture inside. It was very tacky, white glossy with gold foil allover. But if designed well, that look can be fun. Some other ideas: mixed cd’s, glassine bag of sweets with a vintage label, huge lollipop with cute tag, candied apples, set of old school notecards, or journal and pencil.

above: (left) Love Knot by Cheree Berry. (right and bottom) Custom wedding invitations and mailing labels from Paper Cup Design.

Invitations: It would help to pick one element that becomes sort of an icon or theme of the event. Monograms are commonly used, how about twisting it by having a calligrapher draw a custom monogram that looks old school. It can be a heart/arrow with the couples initials inside (T+D). That can be used on napkins, table numbers, favor labels etc. By having it professionally drawn, it elevates the school like theme. It might be fun to have a classic invite layout but add a little graffiti throughout the pieces. As if a child has gone into his/her parents things and drawn all over it.

Tien & David: Can you suggest budget-friendly ways to decorate the children's tables, since there will certainly be kids at the wedding and, given how we met, they are going to receive extra attention?

above: (clockwise) Carvel "Whale" Cake. Whale motif cufflinks. Suitcase filled with kid crayons and treats. Chalkboard place cards. Paper whale trinket crayon holder. Handmade blackboard "kid" place cards.

We had little tables and chairs for the children. Our tables were covered with black paper to mimic the chalkboard look but for the kids, we painted chalkboard paint on 4x8 plywood and placed that on the tables with colored chalks for them to play. We also had small lunch boxes filled with toys and games found all at the 99cents store. The kids were kept busy so the parents were able to enjoy the party. Classroom table numbers are fun ( Room 5/Mrs. Cogans). Subject tables like Math, English, History etc...kids table can be something fun like Playground. For a more elegant finish, use black or dark grey placecards (to mimic chalkboards) with names in white placed on wheat grass.

Some other ideas:
Custom designed Place mats with crayons
Coloring books
White butcher paper covered tables with crayons and stickers etc.
Finger foods just for them: mini hotdogs, pizza, veggie/dip, boxed drinks...on the tables already can keep them busy
Goodie bags: brown lunch bags, small kraft shopping bags with handle- stamp with stickers and kids names to easily identify
Labeled cups with names or tags
Sweet treats: bake sale idea is good here if not doing it for the adults. Mini bags of cotton candy or popcorn.

Tien & David: To explain our thing with "Whales"...I once made a card for David that said "I will love you forever" but screwed up on the "will" and had to turn it into Whale. I drew a whale to roll with it and after a while, it became our word to mean, "I will/whale do whatever it takes to love you."

Minhee: What a cute story--Whales would make a cute silhouette/monogram for a theme too. Maybe make David a hanker chief with a whale silhouette stitched on. Or have a Whale grooms cake!

Tien & David: What are your top three suggestions for interesting keepsakes when it comes to weddings? We don't really want to stuff a piece of cake in the freezer for years and my closet is crammed enough as it is...

* Photobooks: we made a book of polaroids of our guests and their messages.
* Notes: ask guests to leave you a note at the the reception to be read on your first anniversary. Or have some questions already on the notecards for fun marital advice. If you are patient, have some cards designated to be read at different anniversaries and events: 10 year, 25th year, 50th year...first baby, first home....etc.
* Save a petal from your bouquet and his, press it and include in letter to each other to be read later together or make a bookmark of it with your picture.

A big thank you to Minhee for sharing such creative ideas! Your thoughtful attention to details are absolutely inspirational to any couple who wants to incorporate their story into their wedding. Be sure to check out their beautiful invitations and stationery products here!


Jennifer said...

I love the whales!

grace said...

for the kids' tables, what about wrapping crayons with really stylish wrapping paper and making placemats or party hats out of the same paper?

cw said...

such inspiring and creative ideas! and i love all the whales too, i gotta say.

margaret r said...

The coloring books are a great idea...especially vintage ones if you can pick some up.
and PS. Where did Minhee get her wedding dress? It's so pretty!

karen & douglas said...

it looks like the fall colors of the ceremony transitioned so beautifully to the fresh white reception of their wedding! we would like to do that for our wedding too...something romantic/colorful but with fun details during day, and then more crisp and clean for the reception. love the daisy ball.

lisa said...

Could those flower cupcakes be any more adorable!?

paper+cup said...

Tru and I were very touched by Tien and David's story too, we're kindred spirits! I too went to UCLA and got a phone call one day...We can't wait to see how they celebrate their special day. Best of luck!

Tien & David said...

We are so incredibly touched by the outpouring of enthusiasm and ideas for our wedding. :) Cat and her staff have been so amazing throughout our work with them...all this rockets them over the top! Thank you x 1,000!

And thanks, of course, to Minhee and Paper+Cup...it'll be tough to follow in the footsteps of a school-themed wedding like yours!