Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Friday: Purple Barney Gown

The May/June weddings are just around the corner, so this is for all of my nervous brides out there who might need a good laugh.

above: I remember seeing this "special" wedding gown two years ago but never forgot about it because it reminded me of something Barney's wife would wear (and no, I'm not talking Barney's New York!). The best part of this: the gown is made of over 1250 purple condoms!

above: and you simply cannot forget the condom bridesmaid gowns to match.

Have a happy Friday everyone!


JD said...

that's what i call practicing safe dressing!

margaret r said...


Marie said...

how unique they are!!!!!!
they are just beautiful in these pics...

I always enjoy this blog!!!!
hope you guys are doing well

cw said...

haha i would have had no idea!! great find!