Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday: Craft Congress & Buzz Jewelry

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen Billings who designs a jewelry line called Buzz Jewelry based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her passion for using reclaimed and vintage materials is truly evident in her work!

If you detect a palpable creative buzz in the air, it might be due to the fact that this weekend is Craft Congress here in San Fran. From April 4-6, crafters and designers like Kristen from around the country gather for a business development conference to discuss, network and contribute conversation to all that is the evolving craft and design movement.

Happy Friday everyone--hope you go out and support your favorite indie designers and shops this weekend!


JD said...

go indie boutiques!

alyson said...

i love the name craft "congress"!!

cw said...

how cool! and the little gold necklace with the cut-out heart is adorable!

NaomiCampbellthrewherphoneatme said...

very neat!!!!