Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ami Kroon

I haphazardly bumped into my cousin Patti last night as we were picking up our respective takeout and somehow in between the turkey burgers and pad thai, we found ourselves staring at the floral paintings hanging at (of all places) Polkers. I immediately thought of Ami Kroon for her space whose florals and portraits have such a modern Gustav Klimt vibe.

above: This particular painting seemed to inspire a girls' night out ensemble. Dress by Phillip Lim. Stella clutch. Marc by Marc Jacobs booties.


JD said...

are those booties sequince? if so-- i love!

lynn said...

if only I could pull off that art deco look!

Asta said...

Thanks so much for the link !
I love how you combined my painting with that dress , booties and purse...wish Icould buy that ..the outfit is right up my alley

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Ami Kroon's work and delighted that she will be showing new paintings this fall in Providence, RI. Her work never fails to inspire and awe.