Friday, August 22, 2008

ShopFriend: La Farine

These cupcakes hail from the much beloved bakery, La Farine in Oakland. Jess brought them in when we worked on her programs.

I am off to attend their rehearsal dinner and then their wedding tomorrow, so have a very happy cupcake Friday (and weekend) everyone!


The City Sage said...

Oh those are making my mouth water! I just moved to the Bay Area from Brooklyn and I can't wait to start exploring all the yummies that my new city has to offer! Farine looks like a good place to start...and of course Cat Seto, too. Looking forward to seeing the boutique in person after all this time reading the blog :)

shopfriends said...

Hi City Sage!
Definitely come and visit us...we'll likely have a shortlist of all our favorite cupcake/sweet spots to share :).