Monday, August 4, 2008

Jubilee Lau: Four Seasons

As promised, here is the beautiful pink and black wedding that Jubilee of Jubilee Lau Events created for a chic, kid-friendly wedding at the San Francisco Four Seasons!

from Jubilee: "The bride and groom’s names are Alisha and Ryan. They basically did not have any vision for their wedding but Alisha knew one thing—she wanted it to be pink and black. As you know, pink and black can be difficult to do tastefully so it was a bit of a challenge for us but we had such a fun time with it. There were to be lots of kids at this wedding, so we even rented pink and black bean bags to create ‘kiddy stations’ for them!

It was a HUGE ballroom for her 120 guests, so I suggested that we split it into two. Rather than using the hotel’s partition (BORING!) we would use white chiffon drapery to separate the ballrooms into two sides. Alisha would enter through this beautiful drapery down the pink aisle runner for her ceremony. After the ceremony when guests were to enjoy cocktail hour in the foyer, we would turnaround that same side of the ballroom to become the dinner area, using contemporary square tables and the amazing black chameleon chair with rhinestone buckle. The guests were so amazed by the transformation in just one hour. We had more surprises waiting for them. After dinner, we pulled open the drapery in the middle to expose the other side of the ballroom which was entirely draped from floor to ceiling with white chiffon, accented with pink uplighting.

There was a huge black and white dance floor, and clusters of modern, chic lounging areas. It was a huge space for the kids to run around (and pillow fight!) and that was important for Alisha. As if the kids didn’t have enough energy we had a chocolate fountain AND candy bar waiting for them, along with the wedding cake."
For more information, click here to visit Jubilee's site!


m.dougall said...

I love this color combination...and the pink and black is so elegant!

carrie's mom said...

the candy bar is so great for kids

The City Sage said...

I love the covered glass jars in the candy bar. Where in San Francisco can I buy these---my own wedding is in less than a month, and I'd love to do a candy bar even half as beautiful as this one!

shopfriends said...

hi city sage!
here are some "apothecary jars" from pottery barn that would be fun to put candy in:|20|||0|||||||glass%20jars&cm_src=SCH

cw said...

so tastefully done! i love the pink quilted chairs, of course