Thursday, December 6, 2007

Custom Invitations: Flutter

I must confess I am a magazine hoarder. Whenever we moved I would snip out all the magazine articles and pictures that I loved and file them into little bins, thinking I was being very organized...only to discover that by the end I kept practically everything! But those numerous articles and images from the past often inspired my illustrations and invitations. My Flutter invitation actually started out from certain details from a spread that Elle Decor did in their March '04 issue. The palette of the room and the string of butterflies dangling from the mirror absolutely mesmerized me. And I imagined the person who lived in that space to be grounded during the week but bohemian and whimsical on the weekends.
Above: Elle Decor, Diesel bag, Lotis Green Lizard Wallet


JD said...

i <3 the lizzard green wallet!

shopfriends said...

love it too...wish I could have one in every color of the rainbow :).

cw said...

i hoard my magazines too! but it turns out they make for great inspiring storyboards like these! are those mariko's invitation shots? :)