Wednesday, December 5, 2007

layering 101: grey jumper dress

We love layering clothes at the boutique. It's our way of expressing our personalities but it's also the best way to reinvent a basic and achieve maximum usage out of it. Mariko, Cadenza and I thought we'd do a fun experiment and each layer one of Icon National's cotton grey jumper dresses ($64.50). And because you never know what exactly is going on with the opposite sex, we thought we'd ask a few of them what their impression(s) would be of someone walking down the street wearing the outfit. The results are below!

Above, Cat's layering: persimmon turtleneck ($48), faux leather belt ($15)
What the dudes thought:
1. Eric. Age: 37 Profession: Marketing
Impression: fun and artsy, clever and sassy
2. Liam. Age: 32 Profession: Construction Management
Impression: youthful, casual and hip, relaxed
3. William. Age: 28 Profession: Business Operations
Impression: expressive, fashion-oriented, not conservative

Above, Mariko's layering: mushroom top ($87), blue wool jacket ($115)
What the dudes thought:
1. Eric: sophisticated, professional with a little bit of fun (mushroom top)
2. Liam: mature, conservative, refined and cultured
3. William: functional, fashionable, complex self-expression, unique

Above, Cadenza's layering: turquoise lace tunic ($59), bronze faux belt ($15)
What the dudes thought:
1. Eric: funky but conservative (lace), mellow, subdued
2. Liam: conservative, confident, mature, theatrical
3. William: happy in life, artistic, wants to challenge themselves

Well it was all fun to see what the guys had to say and there's always debate out there about do you dress for men or do you dress for women? But we believe bottom line:
Dress to express, and dress for YOURSELF first!


Anonymous said...

I love this post! You guys crack me up. My BF probably wouldn't even be able to come up a single adjective. I am definitely a dress for me kind of gal too :)

lisa said...

i like all three!

Anonymous said...

Anybody know where we can find this dress online? So cute!

shopfriends said...

this dress is available from our boutique and we ship. Icon National is a beloved San Fran brand and I love their pricing. feel free to email/call us if you have any questions!

Anonymous said...

men are so silly!

Anonymous said...

Is this available because it is SO cute and I am in desperate need of a grey jumper dress lol