Friday, December 21, 2007

sole survivor: A Charlie Brown Christmas

We have an ipod list at the shop that plays holiday music...Jewel, Wham, Nat King Cole...pretty much every rendition from every artist. Needless to say, after hearing it about 70 times over in one day, we are no longer as enchanted as we first were. The only sole survivor to our ears is Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas. Love it. And in searching for the track, I recently came across some of his albums and fell for the covers, especially the San Fran based ones. They would make fun gifts for the "guy" and great artwork on the wall.
above: some of Vince Guaraldi's album covers. interiors from Pure Contemporary Home

Above: Other record album art inspired decor. "Groovy bungalow" designed by Scott Sanders.

Above: A more feminine approach. Designtalk brightens up a children's room. Blueprint does away with cumbersome framing and uses sleeves as backing for the artwork.

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jill said...

I love the groovy bungalow. I should go and pilfer some of my dad's vintage records...