Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Objects to Wear: New Year's Eve

This always happens to me. I see a couple of beautiful things I covet, but instead of wanting to use them for their intended purposes, I want to wear them (and the reverse happens all of the time too)! And because of this bind I constantly find myself in, I thought I would do a series of posts called Objects to Wear. This post happened when I was doing some internet shopping and came across some objects I thought would be great for a new year's outfit.

Above: I was so drawn to this bath and body collection by MOR called Garden of Hespera ($17-78). The collection of lotions, salts, body butter smell like green figs, golden apples and Aegean cypress--what a great scent for the new year! The decoupaged glass plate ($55) of a tree is tranquil & pretty enough for hanging in the study or above an occasional table. And last but not least. These gray agate stones ($7.50) would make a lovely necklace. I go gaga over ombre fabric because it reminds me so much of smoky agate.

So I set out to find three things for a new year's outfit: green, gray and ombre...a festive but subdued color palette. And something of a requirement of me these days: an ensemble that I can take apart and wear to work or out. Above: DKNY offers this gorgeous ombre skirt ($248) and it can be paired with this velvety silk blouse by Richard Rodriguez.

I paired the ensemble together in the above sketch (this and other sketches will be available as special notecards at our shop as a part of our "Studio Series". Please email us at shopfriends@gmail.com for info!).


jd said...

i fell upon the robert rodriguez top as well! i <3 green!

eva said...

I love the color combination and the way it all came together!

cw said...

yes--how i love a palette consisting of subdued tones mixed with color!