Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Gift #3: hot off the press

I just received the most delightful package a few minutes ago! A book called "Today's Top Stationery Artists" by Tori Higa is out and available right now and if you love paper and stationery, you need to pick one up! 52 stationery designers are showcased in this book. I appreciated how it was divided into five categories ranging from graphic design to letterpress with about ten representative designers in each.

We were so honored to have Cat Seto featured in the illustration category! Especially when designers I love like Elum, Egg Press, Hello!Lucky, Katie Muth, Herman Yu, Tori Higa (and I could go on forever here until I've named them all) are featured. It's wonderful to be a part of this collective and it was fun to look through the full color images of everyone's work. Check it out!

The book is available online for $24.95 at Schiffer Books, Barnes and Noble, and also at our boutique. Both Schiffer and Barnes and Noble are running promotions until December 15th at 20% off.


lynn said...


JD said...

congrats-- what a great stocking stuffer!

cw said...

wow, i'll purchase one today!

Tori Higa Stationery said...

thanks for posting about the book - it's so great to get the word out! thanks for being a part of it as well - your work adds a lot!