Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday: To Get, to Give

This week I'm interspersing a mini-series of holiday gifts between posts...some from the shop, and others from Shop Friends in the 'hood...

1. Holiday gift #1
For your work-at-home & tele-commuting friends:
luxury slipper boots. Trust me, for anyone who works from home and has cold floors, they will appreciate your thoughtful gesture! I've never had anything against UGG lovers but somehow had never thought to buy a pair until the other week. Now I wear them every chance I get. I think I always shied away from them because I kinda, almost, sorta knew that once I owned a pair I would see what all the fuss was about: that it's like wearing a pair of stuffed animals and there's something so wrong & awesome about that! But for many of my customers who are not UGG fans, they prefer these boots for their price ($38!), their faux suede, and the colorful patterns. These boots even in come in little tote bags which make them perfect for holiday giving.

Above: this one is my favorite..."berry" Appalachian.
Please email us for info and availability.


Liz McCoy said...

where do you buy these boots????

shopfriends said...

hi liz,
you can purchase through the boutique and we also ship (within the u.s./ $9.95 to ship). feel free to email us at :
and we can let you know about sizing & availibility!

Anonymous said...

Are these boot still available at your store on Polk street?