Monday, December 31, 2007

Great Wall of Parties

This New Year's, we are looking forward to something relaxing and low key. But it doesn't hurt to look back at some of last year's greatest bashes. Although the Fendi Great Wall of China show happened in October, I think it will always be remembered. Rumored to cost 10 million and with 500 exclusive guests shivering in the breathtaking locale, Karl Lagerfeld used the actual Great Wall of China to showcase his line during sunset.

Happy New Year everyone! We will resume posts Jan 2. Health and happiness to all!
Below: there was a model who wore a stunning dress that seemed to capture all of the penetrating colors of the Great Wall. This sketch is part of our Studio Series of notecards available at our boutique.


alyson said...

that's GORGEOUS!!

gilasamuels said...

if only our new year's night out could be like about a catwalk!